Blueprint: Ubuntu Server Guide development (LTS only)

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at
Tue Jul 16 18:04:02 UTC 2013

On 07/16/2013 01:46 PM, William Van Hevelingen wrote:
> +1
> I think this a great idea. I run all LTS servers and I often just look
> at the most recent serverguide for up to date stuff because the LTS one
> is usually missing 6+ months of fixes.

Thanks for your feedback William.  The hope is that we _will_ be
backporting fixes to old LTS guides in batches (I'm personally committed
to doing this).  All we need are reported bugs.  I'm going to rescind on
my chosen terminology of 'Rolling Release' as I've been informed that
this may be misleading due to the raucous caused during the Ubuntu
rolling release proposal.  Re XML, I'm not aware of changing away from
this format.  However, I'm supposed to be testing an XML client that
might make peoples' lives easier.  Do you feel like looking at it?:

peter matulis

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