Developing dep8 tests with LXC

Robie Basak robie.basak at
Wed Jul 3 18:25:31 UTC 2013

Thanks Jean-Baptiste!

I've made the changes you suggested. The driver now uses ephemeral
containers. With --keep-data I think it uses the host filesystem (not
tmpfs) so I think I avoided the space pitfall you mentioned.

I'm waiting for boot-finished as you described now. There was a race to
fix but I think it's reliable and fast this way. The only improvement
would be to use inotify to avoid polling, but I don't think that really
matters in our case.

I'm generating a random name for now. I'm not sure there's any way to
avoid races, so that seemed like the easiest thing to do even if it is

Finally I've added a --eatmydata option. If eatmydata is installed
inside the base (template) container, then you can use it to speed up
development a bit.

I think it's reasonably stable now, and I've resolved all the problems I
managed to find. I've proposed a merge:

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