Ubuntu Server Team 20130226 meeting minutes

Serge Hallyn serge.hallyn at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 26 17:10:38 UTC 2013

The meeting minutes with full irc log can also be found at

It was decided not to send an alpha-2 call for testing, but to wait for
beta instead.  Daviey mentioned that matsurba has kindly offered to help
with dep-8 tests.

== blueprints ==

Daviey thinks we look a little further behind than we actually are, and
asks that everyone take a look to make sure their blueprints are
uptodate.  If you'd like to mark some items postponed, please first talk
to Daviey, jamespage or smoser.

== QA ==

plars will be taking hggdh's place representing QA.

plars noted that conffile failures no longer raise individual bugs, but
rather are reported at:


== KERNEL ==

smb re-advertised  http://people.canonical.com/~smb/lucid-ec2-ng/


 * jamespage to milesone documentation updates [carryover]
 * serge update server meeting docs to reflect palrs representing qa
 * serge to consider putting the obsolete_conffiles.log url in weekly
   triaging knowledgebase section

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