Server increasing load due increasing processes in D state

Alessandro Tagliapietra tagliapietra.alessandro at
Mon Feb 25 16:51:20 UTC 2013

Hi Eduardo

Thank you for the tips.  

I'll wait a few days and let you know when this happens again.

About the load, system cpu wasn't more then 10% used from top, io wait was at 2% most of the time.

We've 4 x 2 (HT) cores on the server and a total number of 19 vcpu allocated on VM running on that host.

Vm runs mostly nginx+php-fpm+mysql, one runs also rabbitMQ and a python rabbitMQ consumer.

I'll let you know later then.

Thanks again!



Alessandro Tagliapietra (  

Il giorno lunedì 25 febbraio 2013, alle ore 16:44, Eduardo Damato ha scritto:  

> Hi Alessandro,
> Thanks for the information.
> The sysrq-t that I requested is *only* useful during the problem. Please
> do that when you encounter the problem again.
> It may be that you are overcommitting cpus on your system by having many
> virtual machines running on the nova controller node. This is a
> completely wild guess, but I would recommend you to look at how many
> cpus you have and how many virtual machines and if you have any
> processes in real time or sched FIFO.
> Cheers,
> Eduardo.

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