rdiff-backup is it best openSource continous backup solution?

Tyler J. Wagner tyler at tolaris.com
Wed Feb 20 23:00:21 UTC 2013

I saw your post to the BackupPC user list. I prefer BackupPC, but it's not
ideal for bare-metal restore. It's ideal for "whoops, undelete", and as
poor-man's version control. It can be used for bare-metal restore as well,
but I recommend installing a base OS from the install media, then restoring
over that using BackupPC_tarCreate at the CLI. If you want to continue this
discussion, please take it to the BackupPC user list.

Otherwise, rdiff-backup is great, supported, and works fine. Rsync + diff,
what's not to love?

I personally use rsync to a LUKS-encrypted removable drive once a month or
so, plus BackupPC to get the dailies. I use BackupPC at home and at my
company, where we have ~70 Linux servers and workstations, and 5 Windows
PCs, all safely backed up for the past 3 months, to just 4 TB.


On 2013-02-20 20:08, Rajeev Prasad wrote:
> Gurus,
> need words of wisdom adn experiecne on backup solution for my ub server
> 1204 LTS
> a quick seacrh produced many results
> <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem> and this continous
> backup solution(rdiff-backup <http://www.nongnu.org/rdiff-backup/>).
> is rdiff-backup currently managed?
> need something which:
> 1. actively managed/devloped. (dont want to commit to dead end/dead/dying
> software)
> 2. does continous backups.
> 3. backup atleast last 3 versions of a file/folder.
> 4. backup to network drive.
> 5. backup other connected PCs, Macs and Unix hosts.
> 6. backup my complete LAMP ubuntu server with other modules/apps installed.
> (so that with one restore operation I can get my crashed server back up to
> a working status).
> kindly suggest the best option out there. command line is fine.
> ty.
> Rajeev

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