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Mon Aug 26 21:47:56 UTC 2013

On 26 August 2013 21:55, Chuck Peters <cp at> wrote:
> I would like to see someone take the lead on making sure we have latest
> stable releases of some software.
> After having some issues with a bot attack to our Mailman server the Server
> Team and the Debian Developers have been very helpful in my efforts to get
> 2.1.16~rc2 into saucy.  One thing led to another and I started checking on
> other software that could be updated.
> bind9  LaMont Jones is working on it.
> dnsruby 1.54 now supports IPv6 and Ondřej Surý updated it and it's now at
> nsd3 3.2.16 is the new version and it appears this is an easy package update
> of 3.2.15-1.  [1]
> Other software I plan to look into more:
> pdns-server - 3.3 is stable and Debian and Ubuntu have 3.1-4
> dovecot - 2,2,5 is stable and Debian and Ubuntu have 2.1.7-7
> dns-flood-detector - 1.20 is stable and Debian and Ubuntu have 1.12-7
> I looked at the UDS schedule and I don't see an appropriate meeting to bring
> this up,   Any suggestions?
> Should I write a brief blueprint and make a list of software that should be
> checked and when someone should do the checking?
> Thanks,
> Chuck
> 1. dnsruby and nsd3 are updated in my ppa

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for raising a really good point about the development process.

We don't do a perfect job, but currently we do the following for the
current development series (saucy, currently)

This is something that is tracked as part of general Ubuntu development via:
(& multiverse and restricted)

Each thing that has a Ubuntu delta should be merged at least once, each cycle.

This is quite unwiedley, so we've picked a subset, which is stuff that
the server team officially declared support for - and things which are
part of the server cd and produce a merge report:

Note, that if you raise a 'please merge bug' - it has a greater chance
of getting solved


Kind Regards,

Dave Walker <Dave.Walker at>
Engineering Manager,
Ubuntu Server

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