Scheduling for UDS

Chuck Peters cp at
Mon Aug 26 20:55:01 UTC 2013

I would like to see someone take the lead on making sure we have latest
stable releases of some software.

After having some issues with a bot attack to our Mailman server the Server
Team and the Debian Developers have been very helpful in my efforts to get
2.1.16~rc2 into saucy.  One thing led to another and I started checking on
other software that could be updated.

bind9  LaMont Jones is working on it.
dnsruby 1.54 now supports IPv6 and Ondřej Surý updated it and it's now at
nsd3 3.2.16 is the new version and it appears this is an easy package
update of 3.2.15-1.  [1]

Other software I plan to look into more:
pdns-server - 3.3 is stable and Debian and Ubuntu have 3.1-4
dovecot - 2,2,5 is stable and Debian and Ubuntu have 2.1.7-7
dns-flood-detector - 1.20 is stable and Debian and Ubuntu have 1.12-7

I looked at the UDS schedule and I don't see an appropriate meeting to
bring this up,   Any suggestions?

Should I write a brief blueprint and make a list of software that should be
checked and when someone should do the checking?


1. dnsruby and nsd3 are updated in my ppa
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