antonello facchetti antonello.facchetti at
Tue Aug 6 10:46:34 UTC 2013

Someone has already tried samba4?
It seems to be a complete replacement for Active Directory.
I'm trying with Zentyal which is a distro supported by ubuntu and which 
already offers natively samba4.
The impressions are very good, with regard to Windows: Installation and 
configuration is very fast, a few hours (2.3) and the windows client 
connect and work perfectly, as if it waswindows server 2008, not a 
samba4 server.

The problem is that I'm stuck with the connection of linux clients: 
users connect and authenticate correctly from linux client, but have not 
been able to mount their home from the server.
A few info on the net now, no clear howtos.

Any suggestions?


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