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Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Tue Oct 2 22:58:37 UTC 2012

This is an effort to get the webmin and ubuntu folks a little closer on the current status.  To review, years ago webmin was dropped from Debian and Ubuntu:

 Why was webmin dropped?  Question #2873 : Questions : Ubuntu

Recently Joe from webmin wrote that there was confusion between the debian webmin package and the webmin's own upstream packages for debian:

 Do Webmin and Virtualmin really break Ubuntu? | Virtualmin

Related to all this is something Soren wrote in email about turnkey linux: 2010-01-04T08:10:27-0700 

 If a package upgrade includes a change to a conffile (a configuration file managed by dpkg) compared to the version installed by the old version of the package, and you have made changes to said conffile, you will be prompted about these changes. If, however, something else (e.g.  webmin) has made these changes on your behalf, you will be prompted about changes you have not made to a conffile you likely have never heard of. I'm just saying that this is not acceptable, which is a major reason why webmin is not supported in Debian and Ubuntu, because this is /exactly/ what webmin does /all the time/.

I don't have time to look at this again, but I wonder if someone who is current on the policy and support issues could look at the upstream webmin packages, respond on the webmin page to try to clarify things, and answer the Ubuntu question with both the official policy and the practical upsides and downsides of webmin, and how zentyal does (or does not) deal with the conf file policy issues involved.

Or perhaps it would be more effective to just open this as a question on askubuntu, which has lots of references to webmin, but no discussion like this that I see....


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