Byobu autostart from cron

Marcos Barbosa marcosestevesbarbosa at
Sat May 19 15:50:24 UTC 2012

Do you try byobu-enable?

2012/5/19 Whisperity <whisperity at>:
> Dear fellow Ubuntu users,
> I have an automatation question I'd like to ask from you. My server runs
> some servers which are, unfortunately, not daemons (like Minecraft or Source
> Dedicated Server). I am planning on making them automatically start at boot
> with the @reboot directive in crontab, but I wish their sessions to be
> usable from byobu.
> Problem being, that byobu does not auto-start. I have written a shell
> script:
> #!/bin/bash
> screen -dr byobu -X screen -t srcds
> screen -r byobu -p srcds -X stuff "./ $(printf '\r')"
> And I execute it as my nonprivileged user in crontab:
> @reboot           sourcesrv                    cd /srv/srcds/orangebox &&
> ./
> However, running this script requires byobu to be started when it runs. If I
> test the script with starting byobu by hand and then executing it from SSH,
> it does order byobu to make a new window and then starts the server.
> My question being: can I, somehow, automatize the start of byobu into the
> file? I tried adding byobu (the command itself) after the
> shebang-line, but then it hangs until I, by hand, F6 (detach) from byobu.
> Turning byobu's Start automatically after log in on does not work, because
> there is no login to happen, as the script is started from cron.
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