mount_nfs: can't get net id for host

Karl-Arne Gjersøyen karlarneg at
Sat Mar 24 08:09:22 UTC 2012

Tomasz 'Zen' Napierała tomasz at
20:09 (For 12 timer siden)
til meg, ubuntu-server
On 23 mar 2012, at 18:31, Karl-Arne Gjersøyen wrote:

> Hello. I export /home/BackUP from ubuntu server 11.10 and try to mount
> it on Mac OS X 10.6.0 but receive this error:
> mount_nfs: can't get net id for host
> I have search in google and there they talk about write the server ip
> and host name in /etc/hosts on my mac client box.
> Well, I have done that and restarted the client computer, but still I
> got the same error message.
> Do you know what I need to do?

>This is not related to Ubuntu really ;)
>Paste contents of /etc/hosts on Mac and command you are using to mount that share.


>Tomasz 'Zen' Napierała

Command: sudo mount nfsserver:/export/users /Users/karl

macbook:~ karl$ cat /etc/hosts
# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.
##	localhost	broadcasthost
::1             localhost
fe80::1%lo0	localhost	ubuntu
macbook:~ karl$

Command: sudo mount nfsserver:/export/users /Users/karl

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