The Ubuntu Server Guide wants YOU!

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Mon Mar 5 15:40:33 UTC 2012


I am new to this stuff, but have been monitoring the ubuntu-server list for
about 3 months now. I hope to join the server team.

I am very interested to help with the ubuntu server guide, and actually
spent time this last weekend trying to figure out what I have to do to be
able to help.
I have a couple of launchpad bugs entered about the server guide, that if I
could just do them myself would take a matter minutes, but I know would save
frustration for a person using the server guide as their reference. (I know
because of my own experience and because of questions I have helped with on
Ubuntu forums.)
Doug Smythies

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Howdy folks!

The Precise edition of the Ubuntu Server guide has not received much
attention yet.  The deadline (String Freeze) is March 22 so there is still
ample time for people to contribute by simply going through a few sections
and validating the existing instructions.  Thanks in advance for your time
and effort.

Peter Matulis

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