apt-get fails err: Cannot initiate the connection to 8080:80 ??? wget is ok...

Rajeev Prasad rp.neuli at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 18:24:11 UTC 2012

i did following see the err i get with apt-get at the bottom.

the eth0 gets all IP config from dhcp, which is working fine.

i added proxy too...
# export ftp_proxy=xx.xx.xx.xx:8080
# export http_proxy=xx.xx.xx.xx:8080

tested with wget

# wget www.yahoo.com
--2012-06-13 13:16:23--  http://www.yahoo.com/
Connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx:8080... connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: unspecified [text/html]
Saving to: `index.html'

    [  <=>                                                                      ] 225,291      578K/s   in 0.4s

2012-06-13 13:16:24 (578 KB/s) - `index.html' saved [225291]

but update fails...

# apt-get update
Ign http://security.ubuntu.com precise-security InRelease
Err http://security.ubuntu.com precise-security Release.gpg
  Cannot initiate the connection to 8080:80 ( - connect (22: Invalid argument)

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