Volunteers needed for User Testing

Dan Harrop-Griffiths dan at canonical.com
Wed Jan 25 20:26:09 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,

I'm Dan HG, a new member of the Canonical Team, and I'm going to be
working on Communications and User Testing for Launchpad and some
other projects.

One of these other projects is what I wanted to talk about! I’m going
to be running a number of tests and interviews over the next few weeks
and months. This is a really exciting new project for anyone who works
with servers, and I'm looking to talk to people who administer 3 or
more servers (no upper limit).

This would involve talking to people like yourselves about their work
with servers in an interview style format (about 1 hour), as well as
shorter more task-based style tests (20-30mins) looking at mock-ups
and prototypes for a new user interface, at different stages of

It'd be great to know if you'd be interested in taking part in some or
all of the process. If so, please drop me an email, to:
dan at canonical.com

You could also ping me on IRC if you want to find out more: danhg (I'm
in the Canonical and Launchpad channels).

My Best,

Dan HG
User Testing & Communications Specialist

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