[debian-mysql] MySQL's future in Debian and Ubuntu

Nicholas Bamber nicholas at periapt.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 09:42:22 UTC 2012

I really think Alex ahas a point. It does not matter what the technical
arguments are. The techie will not be able to explain them adequately to
the guy making the decisions - who only knows that he is running a MySQL

Could we adopt the following scheme:

mysql-X depends on mysql-X-5.1 | mariadb-X-5.1  (in unstable) and
mysql-X-5.5 | mariadb-X-5.5  (in experimental)

Having the mariadb-* packages managed by the same team as the mysql-*
team should enable leveaging of effort.

This would keep the corporate guys happy and support for my the oracle
based mysql could be dropped if it became clear that it was no longer

On 17/02/12 08:53, Björn Boschman wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Am 16.02.2012 19:33, schrieb Alex Esterkin:
>> As an end user, I would most strongly dislike this.  You clearly don't
>> understand how corporate users think and operate, how they work with
>> open source technologies, and how they plan and evolve their technical
>> roadmaps.
> I think I understand a bit of how corporate users think and operate.
> When you are an enterprise user who has subscribed support from MySQL
> via Oracle you are enforced to use the Oracle binaries and cannot just
> use the distribution supplied binaries at all.
> This includes bugfixes and security fixes from your vendor, in this case
> Oracle (not Debian or any other distribution).
> When you do not have such a subscription you rely on the support from
> your distribution. That's the point this whole discussion is about.
> Neighter Debian nor Ubuntu can offer reliable bugfixes and security
> support. Not because they don't want to. Their hands are bound because
> MySQL/Oracle somehow is not willing to provide important information
> such as detailed changelogs or security information.
> This leads us to the following options:
>  * Stay with MySQL but no security nor bugfixes
>  * Search for an alternative which is even 100% compatible with MySQL +
> having full community support
> From my personal as well as my business perspective I want a system
> where I can get bugfixes as well as security fixes. You should consider
> those questions in your roadmap as well.
> B
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