Call for testing: Security Update for tomcat6

James Page at
Tue Feb 7 12:12:30 UTC 2012

Hi Team!

We currently have a stable release update in -proposed for lucid, 
maverick, natty and oneiric to resolve two security issues:

1) The Hash DoS vulnerability that has been identified in a number of 

2) An inefficiency in the way that tomcat handles parameters which 
causes a potential vulnerability:

The update to tomcat6 is a bit bigger than the usual SRU; I have done 
some limited testing using the solr-tomcat package (and it looks OK) but 
due to the size of the changes it would be great for this proposed 
update to get more exposure before it enters -updates!

If you can find the time to try this proposed update out please log 
successful/unsuccessful testing on this bug report:

Please follow these instructions to enable -proposed:

Thanks in advance and please ping me (jamespage in #ubuntu-server) if 
you need any help.


James Page
Ubuntu Core Developer

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