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Robie Basak robie.basak at
Mon Apr 30 11:39:53 UTC 2012

Dear List,

I have been asked whether we need to do anything for OpenMPI for Q. I
had a blueprint for P on this, for which I ended up delivering a 1.5
package in the archive.

Current status to the best of my knowledge is:

  * Upstream use an old Linux-style odd/even beta/stable version
    numbering scheme.

  * 1.4 is the current stable/production upstream release, is in Debian
    and Ubuntu and is the default.

  * 1.5 is the current upstream beta/testing release. Debian have it in
    experimental as replacing 1.4, but don't intend to upload it to sid
    until upstream declare it stable/production at which point it will be
    labelled 1.6. Ubuntu now has it as a separate package that can be
    used in parallel with 1.4 and built against by hand. But all
    packages in the Ubuntu archive that use OpenMPI are built against
    1.4 (and depend on the 1.4 package).

  * Both 1.4 and 1.5 have some level of ARM support. 1.4's ARM support
    is based on Jani's patches which we (Ubuntu) are carrying. 1.5's ARM
    support is based on Leif's patches which upstream are carrying.

  * I have had no feedback from stakeholders on the work done in P so
    far. All I know is that a basic "Hello, world!" works on amd64 and
    on armhf. If there are any bugs, please find them and file them!

I have also not had any feedback that suggests that we need to do
anything further on this. I expect that Debian will transition to 1.6
when it is released and Ubuntu will sync when this happens. I don't know
whether 1.6 will happen in time for Q or not - that depends on upstream.

If any OpenMPI stakeholder needs or would like anything different for
OpenMPI on Ubuntu, please let me know. We can hold a session at UDS on
this if required, but we won't create a blueprint if there is nothing to


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