Setgid not preserved in GFS2 with ACL

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at
Wed Apr 25 12:35:49 UTC 2012

[Sorry for cross-posting, but I sincerely don't know who's best to answer]


Using many production Samba file servers on RHEL 5.6 for a while, we are 
now finishing to setup a samba cluster on Ubuntu-server (oneiric) with 

Like on our other samba setups, we are using ACLs and we set up the 
setgid bit on our folders (chmod g+s folder), as well as default ACL.
The access rights are managed via the basic windows explorer security 
tab and is working nicely.

But on this new GFS2, I observe that this is not working the same.

To make it short, the setgid bit gets lost when a user creates a subdir.

To be precise, here is what I'm observing :

My folder looks like this :

root at server:/foo/bar# getfacl .
# file: .
# owner: root
# group: adminsGroup
# flags: ss-

* When the user root runs 'mkdir rootDir', this directory correctly gets 
the adequate rights, and it gets the setgid bit (allowing deeper 
inheritance to keep working).

* When a non-root user belonging to the adminsGroup group runs 'mkdir 
privDir', the directory also gain the same feature as above.

* When a basic non-root user belonging to the domainUsers group runs 
'mkdir basicDir', it gets created (the ACL allows it) but the setgid bit 
is *NOT* preserved.

My tests are showing that with ext3 and ext4, on the same server (and/or 
on other systems), this behavior is different, and that the sgid bit is 

I have added the suiddir flag when mounting the GFS2 partition, but this 
does not improve anything.

May someone tell me :
- if this new behavior is faulty or expected?
- if these mailing-lists are the best place to ask such questions? 
(ubuntu-server at + cluster-devel at, and if 
needed advice me a better place
- if this is unexpected, if I should file a bug? (and where)

Thank you.

Nicolas Ecarnot

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