kvm-spice no video in 12.04

James Crow james at ultratans.com
Wed Apr 18 20:52:43 UTC 2012

On 04/18/2012 04:42 PM, Serge Hallyn wrote:
> Quoting James Crow (james at ultratans.com):
>> Hello,
>> I posted on the Ubuntu-User list, but received no helpful replies.
>> I have a 12.04 amd64 desktop install that I am trying to use
>> kvm-spice to run a virtual Windows install. kvm is working fine and
>> I have a regular vnc guest (Windows XP) that is running. I tried to
>> create a new guest using kvm-spice as the hypervisor. I used an iso
>> image and allocated a 40GB image file. Once the image was created,
>> the guest shows as running, but I have no video in either the
>> Virtual Machine Manager or connecting with spicy.
>> Does anyone have a working kvm-spice install on 12.04?
> I've used it, yes.  It does have problems, which is why it remains
> a tech preview.  (There are also concerns about where the package is
> heading.)  Make sure that you've added '-enable-kvm' to the arguments or
> it'll run unaccelerated...  The guest must support qxl.  But the most
> annoying thing has been that for instance grub screens aren't visible.
> I've had working ubuntu+unity, kubuntu, and fedora installs under
> kvm-spice.  Sometimes when grub decides it doesn't want to boot
> until I hit return, I just get a blank screen and I have to boot with
> -vnc to get a clean boot.
> Have you installed the SPICE client binaries in the windows guest?
> See 'Windows client' under http://spice-space.org/download.html
> (linking to http://spice-space.org/download/binaries/spice-client-win32-0.6.3.zip )
> Perhaps you can boot with vnc, run the spicec.exe in there, and then
> boot with spice?  I don't know...  haven't yet had a chance to try.
> -serge

Thanks for the note. The problem with spice/qxl is that I get absolutely 
no video output. No BIOS, nothing. It is hard to tell if the guest is 
even booting. I cloned a working 10.04 guest (server no X) that boots to 
a login in a couple of seconds. I tried to ping its statically assigned 
IP but it seemed to never boot. With no video output it is hard to tell 
if the guest did boot.

-enable-kvm is one of the arguments passed to kvm-spice.

I guess my next attempt should be with a working Windows guest. I will 
install the spice client libs with vnc and then convert.

Thank you,
James Crow

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