building a list of KVM workloads

Serge E. Hallyn serge.hallyn at
Wed Sep 14 16:18:29 UTC 2011

Quoting Ahmed Kamal (ahmed.kamal at
> If we can start a matrix of workload testing required, I can bang
> some drums to try and get interested members to test. Can someone
> start this matrix (hopefully with kvm's cli options mentioned)

Actually...  for a first round at least, I'd rather to this myself.
It's way too easy to pollute benchmarks with little oversights like
leaving cron running or changing some tunable on the host.  So I'd like
to run them all on the same hardware, with a repeatable script to set
them up.  Perhaps I'll set up a system to pxe-boot a preseeded installer
that wipes out extraneous cruft and takes a firstboot script to set the

Or, getting community involvement to create a package or howto for
setting up such an environment, and then inviting people to submit their
results from that environment would be good.  So long as we list the
results per-user and per-system (so a slower scsi disk on one system
doesn't skew results).

What I really want is something like

Actually I didn't realize that was out in the open.  I wonder if we
can set up an open distributed abat grid for this with volunteer


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