building a list of KVM workloads

Serge E. Hallyn serge.hallyn at
Tue Sep 13 15:07:04 UTC 2011

Thanks, guys.  Unfortunately I'm having a harder time thinking through
how to properly classify these by characteristics.  Here is an inadequate

  * source code hosting (github, gitosis, etc)
    - characteristics?
  * checkpointable (i.e. Mark's single point backup gitosis vms)
    - qcow2 or qed based for snapshotting?
  * web hosting
    - characteristics?
  * Network performance (hard to generalize)
    - vpn
    - various appliation layer/tiers
    - characteristics?
  * db hosting
    - characteristics?
  * desktop virtualization
    - ideally, using spice?
    - should survive unexpected host reboots?
  * windows workloads ?
    - characteristics?

I'll probably put these up on the wiki soon so we can all edit, but in
the meantime if you have any suggestions for improving the grouping or
filling in characteristics, please speak up.

BTW - using VMS to host VMS *is* in fact doable, at least on AMD.  I've
done it in the past just for debugging qemu bugs in several releases on
a remote, borrowed AMD laptop.  It might be worth adding to the list,
as it likely will have its own tuning requirements.


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