Orchestra on Ubuntu Natty

Robbie Williamson robbie.williamson at canonical.com
Wed Sep 7 15:20:08 UTC 2011

On 09/07/2011 07:53 AM, Gökhan Özbulak wrote:
> Hi Robbie,
> This is Gokhan from Pardus dev. team. We want to examine your management 
> software, Orchestera, and hence, I installed a virtual Ubuntu of v11.4. 
> However, it fails to install the software through apt-get althougn I have a 
> list including natty universe repo in /etc/apt/sources.list. Could you spot a 
> light, please about how we can start using it?
> Thanks in advance
> --
> Gökhan Özbulak / go
> Pardus -- Tübitak/UEKAE
> http://www.pardus.org.tr/eng

Hi Gökhan,

Orchestra was not provided in 11.04, hence you'll need to download the
recently released 11.10 Beta to test it out. It will support you
installing 11.04 clients, but the initial server must be 11.10.
Currently, it will only **deploy** 11.04 or older clients.  That is, you
won't have the other client pieces, such as nagios and rsyslog remote
status, because you'd need the orchestra-client package, which is only
in the archive starting with 11.10.

Hope this helps,

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