Hardware vs software raid

Alex Muntada alexm at alexm.org
Thu Oct 20 20:28:01 UTC 2011

+ Preston Hagar <prestonh at gmail.com>:

> I am sure everyone has their own experiences, the only thing I would
> stress to the OP is to test out failure scenarios, because that will
> be the time you want your system to really be good to work with.

Fully agreed.

> I have had too many headaches with hardware RAID failues (with PERC
> cards, Areaca cards, 3ware cards, and Adaptec cards) to really go
> through the stress anymore.  If I have one of those cards, I will
> typically just use it as pass-through/JBOD and then do software RAID,
> although that can even present a problem.

Me too.

> Again though, most of my setups are small business, with a handful of
> servers, not large setups, so I could see it being different for a large
> business.

In that sense, the only hardware RAID we use now at work is what's
included in specialized storage appliances (i.e. large arrays of disks
with fault tolerant clustered heads). On our servers, software RAID.

Alex Muntada <alexm at alexm.org>

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