Graphical interface for downloading files

Avi Greenbury lists at
Tue Oct 18 08:41:25 UTC 2011

Jesus arteche wrote:
> Do you know how can I download a file to a Ubuntu server from a
> webpage with has Javascript??? I don't have graphical interface and I
> would like to avoid install it.

What does the javascript do? When you download with wget, you can
instruct it to also download any linked files, which means it will
also download the javascript. You can then feed that file to a web
browser as you might anyway, and if the browser supports Javascript
you'll get the Javascript functionality.

If you're after a static copy of a page as generated with javascript,
I think you're in for a bit of trouble. What's the actual problem
you're trying to solve here - what's in the JS on this webpage that you


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