KVM guests: graceful shutdown upon host reboot

jurgen.depicker at let.be jurgen.depicker at let.be
Thu May 19 14:09:23 UTC 2011

Hi all.

Today I mistakenly typed 'reboot' in the wrong terminal, which made me 
remember one of my todos: take care of a graceful shutdown of all running 
VM guests.  My VM host just killed all processes and rebooted, which was 
not really appreciated by all running guests, as one might understand.

According to 
this is taken care of already by some souls at RedHat (and Fedora) with an 
init script called libvirt-guests.

On http://libvirt.org/news.html I see that it exists at least since 
version 0.8.2, but on Ubuntu 11.04 (libvirt 0.8.8) it's not there. On 
10.10 (0.8.3) neither, though I find some reference to it on 

Does anybody have an idea about why I cannot find this script on Ubuntu? T 
seems to be in line with the policy of supporting KVM for server 
virtualization (which is my use case) and it does eem to be quite 
interesting to have!
Greetings, Jurgen
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