Ubuntu Server hardware requirements...

Clint Byrum clint at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 31 07:43:33 UTC 2011


This states the following requirements for running Ubuntu Server:

 * 300 MHz x86 processor
 * 128MB of system memory (RAM)
 * 1GB of disk space
 * Graphics card and monitor capable of 640x480
 * CD-ROM drive

The first one is somewhat funny, as I think there were only a few early
Pentium II's and PentiumPro's that ran at 300Mhz. Since we dropped i586
support in Maverick, might we also think about raising this to say,
450Mhz ?

Also while there are things one can do w/ 128MB of RAM on Ubuntu
Server.. is it a realistic minimum?

Do we actually require a graphics card? If you are clever you can get
the alternative installer to install via serial console IIRC.

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