[Oneiric-Topic] HA Cluster Stack Package Updates

Andres Rodriguez andreserl at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 30 15:43:27 UTC 2011

Hi all,

As it stands in Natty, we are shipping the HA Cluster Stack based on
pacemaker 1.0.x (1.0.10 ), which is the Long Term Stable pacemaker release.
Additionally, for DLM, (specially for GFS2 and OCFS2), we are shipping RHCS
3.0.X (This contains explicit Pacemaker support).

However, during the past year or so, a lot has been going around the HA
Cluster Stack, including a movement on merging different projects together
and deprecating some software. Consequently Pacemaker 1.1.x series are being
developed, and  includes features to land into Pacemaker 1.2. On the side of
RHCS, the new series is 3.1. These new releases, among other stuff, involve:

 - RHCS has been splitted into different subprojects: redhat-cluster (cman
mainly), fence-agents, gfs2-utils, resource-agents
 - RHCS has dropped support for Pacemaker (this means no DLM for pacemaker),
consequently, support for CMAN has been added to Pacemaker/Corosync.
   (In short, this means that for GFS2/OCFS2, we now need to use
 - Resource Agents from the linux-ha project and RHCS have been merged

So, I believe it is important to discuss the adoption of these new upstream
releases in preparation to the next LTS, as well as any other future related
to the HA stack.


Andres Rodriguez (RoAkSoAx)
Ubuntu Server Developer
Systems Engineer
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