[Oneiric-Topic] ipv6 health check

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at canonical.com
Wed Mar 30 15:20:00 UTC 2011

On 11-03-30 11:01 AM, Chuck Short wrote:
> I would like to make sure that we are okay for IPV6. This includes
> making sure that various daemons are ready for IPV6 and if they work
> properly on Ubuntu Server with IPV6 enabled.

This is something I have been working on, and that I was going to write
a blueprint for.  Feel free to do so yourself, though!

>From my notes, here are the stuff that needs some work:

- d-i/netcfg support: right now, AFAIK (I have to check that), you
cannot install an IPv6-only Ubuntu host.

- netboot installation: PXE relies on IPv4 DHCP and TFTP.  Are there any
IPv6 alternatives, and do we need to do anything special to support
these?  (there probably aren't, sadly)

- DHCPv6: I believe we are going to get this for free with ISC dhcp v4,
but it's worth checking.

- Network Manager: reportedly, it will work with IPv6, but it cannot be
made IPv6-only.  That is important in certain use-case.  We need to
check that.

- NFS over IPv6 is currently DOA in lucid (notably, missing kernel
support in some place).  Not sure about the status of natty.  This will
need some serious testing.

- What about IPv6 support in Eucalyptus and OpenStack?

- It would be interesting to check that the network API of the various
language interpreter we ship (Python, Perl, etc) are IPv6-ready.

- In general, IPv6 will need to be integrated into our QA test-suite.

Some of the above are really topics for the foundation team, I
understand that.  It even spills into desktop.  I think IPv6 enablement
has to be a cross-team effort.

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