[Oneiric-Topic] Further PowerNap Improvements

Andres Rodriguez andreserl at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 30 14:57:45 UTC 2011

Hi All,

During the Natty release cycle, PowerNap was improved in two main aspects:
 - Monitoring enhancements, adding the capability to monitor different
components such as Input, Network Activity and Application activity to
correctly determine the idled state of the machine.
 - New Power Saving method, consisting on using pm-powersave and providing a
few additional scripts.

However, now. I'd like to see a Client/Server implementation approach of
PowerNap on which things occur as follows:
 - Client auto-registration to a PowerNap server
 - PowerNap server tracking the status of a PowerNap client in the network.
 - PowerNap server being able to schedule wakeups-sleeps for any of the
 - PowerNap server being able to monitor network to auto wakeup monitored
machines (i.e. ARP Monitor)
 - API like base implementation to be able to integrate it to
other applications, (i.e. Landscape.)


Andres Rodriguez (RoAkSoAx)
Ubuntu Server Developer
Systems Engineer
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