Feedback on the Ubuntu kernel for server and cloud

Ahmed Kamal kim0 at
Tue Mar 29 16:32:54 UTC 2011

On 03/29/2011 03:11 PM, John Johansen wrote:
> The kernel team is looking for feedback on the state of the kernel for
> server and cloud flavors of Ubuntu.  Any and all feed back is welcome.
> What are we doing right?
> What are we doing wrong?
> What configs should we change?
> What new features should we included?
> And most importantly what are the use cases for any desired changes,
> so that we can evaluate changes in context.
> This information will be used to help improve the Ubuntu kernels
> and to help ensure that we have the best server and cloud flavors
> available.
Hi John,

Would it be possible to enable/debug fsfreeze (bug 712689). Last time 
Scott tested it (reported in the bug), it froze and burnt. I am 
supposing the freezing is a kernel bug. The use case is being able to 
take crash consistent backups of cloud instances. Something currently 
only possible with xfs


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