virt-manager including a feature in lucid

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at
Thu Mar 10 12:33:42 UTC 2011

Am Do, 10.03.2011, 13:20 schrieb jurgen.depicker at
>> Hello list ,
>> I am not sure if this can be done in an easy way, but upstream virt-
>> manager just added the ability to manually specify the network
>> interface to which the virtual machine should be attached. This is
>> necessary because the only proper way for now is by using netcf when
>> working on a remote machine. Since i doubt ubuntu will have it
>> ported and working anytime soon, i was wondering if the feature can
>> be backported to the current lucid version of virt-manager.

I have 2 KVM servers here both running Ubuntu 10.4.2 with KVM and 10 NICs
each. virt-manager gives me the possibility too choose which bridge I can
assign to a VM. I even can assign a complete NIC to a guest. But haven't
tried this yet. I have do try this in 2 weeks for a project. But I tried a
physical hardware assigment for a USB drive and this works nice. So I
assume this will work for PCI-X NICs, too.

> -> on Ubuntu 10.10 this is definitely possible: you can specify manually
> eg 'br0' (my bridge).
> virt-manager v 0.8.4, virsh v0.8.3

I can do this also on my 10.04 KVM servers. But maybe I do not understand
the problem.


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