Good book recommendations ?

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Wed Mar 9 18:02:57 UTC 2011


I would recommend The official Ubuntu server book:

Deployments I created a wiki page that completely automates an install from
start to finish for lucid:
The book also talks about this.

automated backup and recovery is also explained allot in the book.

I don't specifically use Nagios but buying a book specifically on it
will defiantly give you more than you ever wanted to know:

I use but I'm probably in the minority here.  I hear allot
of people use Nagios.  Zabbix does everything I need for monitoring.

For configuration management allot of people are using puppet &
chef. Neither of which I have used but are on my list to learn.

If you know specifically at what book you want to buy I would just ask on
this email thread.  I have spent a small fortune on tech books over the


On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 11:24 AM, Mark van Harmelen <mark at>wrote:

> Hi everyone
> We are getting more serious about our random collection of servers, all
> running ubuntu server 10.04+, and want to buy some books that we can use to
> build our knowledge and skills.
> Particularly we are interested in topics like automated deployment,
> configuration management, and automated backup and recovery. Nagios is also
> lurking in the backs of our minds.
> Does anyone have any recommendations for us please?
> Thanks
> Mark
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