Roadmap: Xen revisited

Mark Goldfinch ubuntu-server at
Wed Jul 20 09:30:04 UTC 2011

On 20/07/11 21:12, Stefan Bader wrote:
> The several issues rather being related to run the dom0. I still see some
> warnings getting triggered which seem to be harmless enough. And HVM is not
> working. There is another minor issue when you have sd* disk names in your pv
> configuration (which is actually discouraged).

Great, thanks for the clarification..

> Otherwise I have PVM domUs working with our 3.0-rc7 based dom0. Not sure what
> the Debian 6 dom0 is based on. The blkback was the one thing that went upstream
> quite late. But since we had been following the 3.0 kernel, we would have picked
> up any fixes there automatically.

Debian 6 dom0 uses 2.6.32 Linux kernel and 4.0.1 Xen Hypervisor kernel.  I'm using amd64 architecture.

What can I do to help diagnose what's going on here?


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