TurnKey Linux 11 released: 45 ready-to-use Ubuntu-based solutions (part one)

Liraz Siri liraz at turnkeylinux.org
Mon Jan 31 09:53:07 UTC 2011

Ubuntu fans rejoice,

Part one of the TurnKey Linux 11 release is officially out spanning 45
ready-to-use, Ubuntu-based solutions which can be deployed in minutes to
bare metal, virtual machines or launched on-demand in the cloud:


The final release follows three months worth of community testing of the
release candidates.


* Upgraded base distribution to Ubuntu 10.04, the latest Ubuntu LTS
  (Long Term Support) release.

* Includes TKLBAM: a smart, automated backup and restore facility,
  powered by the Amazon S3 storage cloud. The system is designed to make
  it easy to move or clone a TurnKey system anywhere along with any
  changed files, databases, packages and users.

* No default passwords: Users no longer have to worry about changing
  default passwords as TurnKey now helps them configure all passwords on
  first boot.

* LVM support: instead of installing to a fixed size partition, a
  Logical Volume is first created by default, and this may later be
  expanded, even across multiple physical devices.

* Availability of TurnKey AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) in the Amazon EC2
  Asia pacific region also.

* New ESX4 / vSphere optimized OVF builds.

* 5 new appliances for Magento, PrestaShop, StatusNet, vTiger and
  Joomla 1.6

Part two of the TurnKey Linux 11 release is coming soon. It will more
than double the size of the TurnKey solutions library with the nearly 50
new virtual appliances that have been developed in collaboration with
the open source community over the last year.

Liraz Siri
TurnKey Linux Co-Founder
Cell: +972-54-2013512

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