Ubuntu Server page doesn't mention 10.10?

John Pugh john.pugh at canonical.com
Tue Jan 18 15:55:25 UTC 2011

On 01/18/2011 10:20 AM, Monte Milanuk wrote:
> I guess if someone was wanting to evaluate Ubuntu as an enterprise
> choice vs. say RHEL, SuSE or other options, having a reasonably
> up-to-date Server page with complete information would be something I
> would expect.  I was under the impression that was where Canonical was
> wanting to go with their Server version?  'Community' or no, I am a bit
> surprised the company doesn't keep up their website a little better. You
> might go to packages.ubuntu.com; I might go to DistroWatch and compare
> various distributions/releases, and someone else might have another
> way.  But neither excuses Canonical from keeping their .com site up to
> date.

Right. That page is ubuntu.com/server not a community page. That
enterprise version is the current LTS version which is 10.04. The
"point" releases in between a LTS release are designed for development
and test and not recommend for production in a enterprise environment.

The canonical.com site is up to date wrt enterprise usage of ubuntu
server and is maintained by canonical. ubuntu.com is the community site
and has a open format for anyone to update/modify/change as necessary.
It is policed as well as it can be, but is a VERY large site.

You found some areas that need updating...your contributions are welcome
and warranted.

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