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Ahmed Kamal ahmed.kamal at
Mon Jan 17 16:37:11 UTC 2011

On 01/17/2011 05:31 PM, Chris Lynch wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following two lines in the three log file above. What are they
> *Redirect from IP(I do not know) on ppp0 about IP(I do not know) ignored
>     Advised path= IP(My IP) -> IP(IP addresses I do not Know)*
> Any ides what these are it is my first time ever noticing them
> -- 
Looks to me like ICMP redirect messages. Such messages are generated by 
remote hosts to inform your server of a "better" route to some target 
destination you're connecting to. Usually it signifies a routing loop (a 
simpler path exists). Due to security reasons, your kernel should 
continue to ignore such redirects (everything is fine)
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