Please help me for install xen kernel on ubuntu 10.10

Tapas Mishra mightydreams at
Thu Jan 6 08:09:05 UTC 2011
As per above article
"It's also worth noting that the Xen 3.3 hypervisor is also included
in jaunty. However, at the time of this writing, Xen is not officially
supported in Lucid; consider using KVM instead. "

Now coming to your question Glossary section on this link
does talk of 10.10.
But I have not installed in 10.10 so I wont be able to comment on
correctness of it.

 I am sharing some  experiences if you are starting with Xen hoping
they help you.

1) I would suggest to ask this on Xen mailing list.
(Just for better response if you get it done here that would be awesome)

2) Once you have Xen installed start with some thing known as libvirt
and virt-manager and then proceed with GUI to what ever you want.It
will save you a lot of time (trust me on this one).

3) In case you are completely new to Xen I would suggest you start with CentOS.
(CentOS) has Xen shipped on DVD so you wont  need to struggle as a newbie.
Also you must be aware CentOS is nothing but RHEL with properietary
softwres of RHEL and logo removed.
Have a look at virtualization section on

4) A link I feel you should have this

5) I remember a long time back I had struggled with Xen (a lot of
hardware issues)
So if you need to urgently do that go ahead with CentOS.

6) A lot of links on Xen wiki page of Ubuntu are helpful.
How ever some one on this list might point to right thing.


8) I have struggled some time back have a look on threads I had
started for Xen in most of my threads if I solve I surely post
solutions too.

9) You will need to compile Xen (hypervisor) from source to be able to
use on 10.10.(Some one can correct if I am wrong here) other wise if
you just do apt-get install ubuntu-xen-server it will install an old
version (you might try with that if you are new)

10) Do post the results when you are done even if it seems no one is
reading/replying on list.I usually read all threads.
It will help many of us who have used on some old version but would be
interested to know for the new version on Ubuntu.

11) How ever in a production environment I have sticked with KVM on a
Ubuntu LTS Server edition.Using GUI will make your life very simple.


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