converting lvm based Virtual Machine to qcow image.

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Wed Jan 5 14:54:22 UTC 2011

I do mysqldumps prior to this, so it's not really an issue. And when i have a hosted online service, that's accessible 24/7, then downtime is not something i consider at all. 
I am going to switch to a real backup system really soon ( r1soft ), so it will solve all my issues, but until then, it's the best option. 

I wouldn't really do it that way. The reason being, running applications like a database server, might have unflushed data, i.e. the on-disk data structures would not be fully consistent. I don't really like taking a backup in that state (called crash consistent state). If "possible" it's always safer to power off before snapshotting, otherwise, at least make sure your applications have flushed all data to disk (mysql can flush and lock tables to do that, but other apps behave differently) 


On 01/05/2011 11:54 AM, Nikolai K. Bochev wrote: 

I would suggest the following : 

1. Pause the virtual machine ( with virsh for example ) 
2. Take a snapshot of the logical volume. 
3. Unpause the virtual machine 
4. Convert the snaposhot ot qcow2. 

I'm doing something similar with a python script. 


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