Lucid BIND9 - SRU'ing new upstream version (9.7.0->9.7.3)

Dave Walker DaveWalker at
Wed Feb 23 17:19:51 UTC 2011

Hi All,

The Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Security team are considering performing an 
SRU of Bind9 version 9.7.3 replacing the current 9.7.0 in Lucid.

The main rational for this is the DNSSEC failure as outlined on Ubuntu 
bug #651875 [0].  However, there are many other changes, as outlined by 
the upstream changelog [1].  We did look at cherry picking the patches 
which resolve the main concerns, but we would be reproducing much of the 
upstream release - making it potentially more unstable and harder to 
maintainer long term.

Concerns with this is that 9.7.3 isn't yet in the Ubuntu development 
version, or in Debian.  However, it should hopefully be there soon 
(hopefully today, thanks LaMont).  The Debian Maintainer, has just 
uploaded to a Lucid PPA which is currently building.

I'm hoping that some interested people would be able to comment on this 
option, and be able to test this package from the PPA, and look for 
potential regressions (both in use, and upgrade handling).

If the feedback seems positive, we'll undergo the normal SRU procedure 
with added caution.


Thanks for your help!

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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