PHP5-FPM is missing in Natty

Arnaud Soyez weboide at
Mon Feb 21 14:23:26 UTC 2011

Hey all,

Saturday I noticed that PHP5-FPM was missing from Natty. I reported the
issue on launchpad and then I talked with a MOTU to see if we could
prioritize it in order to have it fixed before featurefreeze. He told me
to contact the server team about this issue:

Here is the bug description:

php5-fpm is currently unavailable in Natty.

This might be due to a change done in package php5 version 5.3.3-2 (see where
building FPM has been disabled. The package had probably been merged
into Ubuntu during debianImport. It seems that the latest version of
php5 (3.5.3-1 see
from debian has reintroduced the build of PHP-FPM.

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