Intel matrix storage manager support?

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Tue Feb 15 13:10:12 UTC 2011

Dear all,

As you may know, many Intel motherboards ship with a BIOS fakeraid 
(software raid).  Presently, Ubuntu doesn't seem to know how to handle 
these, apparently due to mdadm being too old: as far as I know, imsm is 
supported starting from mdadm V3 and higher.  I checked the ubuntu 
packages, and came to know that v3 will be shipped in the upcoming release 
11.04 (natty).  The present version of mdadm is below 3.

Presently, I use SW raid on many of our servers.  But for some customer 
installations, support of imsm would be nice.  Will ubuntu support imsm 
raids by default?

Some relevant info I found on the web:
-> After running 
mdadm --assemble --scan
which finds and assembles the container, running 
mdadm -I /dev/md/imsm0
assembles the arrays inside the container.
-> a guy struggling to get his RAID working on Slackware, which didn't 
include mdadm v3 yet.

Kind regards,
Jürgen Depicker
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