[Ubuntu-bugcontrol] Fwd: [Bug 701471] Re: Sync libevent 2.0.10 from Debian experimental

Krzysztof Klimonda kklimonda at syntaxhighlighted.com
Mon Feb 14 19:50:38 UTC 2011

> IMO its a bit late for any library transitions in natty, especially for
> libevent which is used in a lot of server applications beyond those in
> the Ubuntu archives. VERY early in the O cycle is the perfect time for
> this to hit the archives. We can start reporting the bugs upstream now
> and some should be releasing fixes in time for O.


That's also my opinion at this point. I was willing to push it, but got
another FTBFS yesterday which seems related to the new libevent2 version.
I'm afraid that the risk is too great to justify this transition as the only
package that really requires new version is Transmission. It is unfortunate,
but it seems to be our best option to start this transition soon after natty
Thanks for your input.

Best Regards,
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