How to install or mount an appliance?

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Thanks a lot, will do, that way I will have an specific server for all VM needs in the future without having to take down any system to reconfigure.

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Well, if you want to run that appliance on the file sever, you still
have to install a hypervisor on the file server (e.g., VMware or Xen
or Linux KVM).

I'd recommend setting aside another server box and install a baremetal
hypervisor on it (e.g., VMware ESXi or Citrix XenServer).


On 2011-02-11, dxiri343 at <dxiri343 at> wrote:
> Thats exactly why, me neither have never configured either, and the
> appliance provides web chat, registration, domain configuration with the
> domain name of my choice, security fixes, etc. In short it provides a better
> configuration that configuring it myself. Only thing missing would be the AD
> replication.
> Another advantage is that the files on this file server are VERY critical to
> my company and having a virtual machine separates roles, so if for some
> reason I screw up I can just delete the VM instead of doing a painfull
> system troubleshoot.
> Regards
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> Um, why would you want a virtual appliance when Maverick has ejabberd
> package? See
> Do a sudo apt-get install ejabberd (or use sudo aptitude), and follow
> ejabberd's documentation on how to configure
> If you want ejabberd to auth against Active Directory, you'll have to
> go the LDAP route, and (probably) need to learn how to have OpenLDAP
> replicate from AD.
> Note: I've never done either (use ejabberd or OpenLDAP), so I can't
> guide you further. Sorry.
> Rgds,
> On 2011-02-11, Diego Xirinachs <dxiri343 at> wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> I have a File server running ubuntu server 10.04 LTS, and I was running
>> and
>> OpenFire server (jabber messenger service) on top of a windows server
>> machine. Openfire is crashing a lot so I decided to go a different way and
>> try a new software, then I found an appliance called ejabberd (you can
>> find
>> it HERE <>)
>> What I want to do is to mount that virtual appliance on my file server, so
>> I
>> dont have to mess around installing everything needed to run the jabber
>> messenger.
>> How can I mount the appliance if the server is command line only?
>> I have never done this kind of stuff so I am a little lost.
>> I guess I would have to install a virtual machine that can handle the
>> appliance of course, but the one I know (VirtualBox) I think its GUI only.
>> One last thing: Can I make ejabberd users to authenticate against Active
>> Directory?
>> Any light on this will be greatly appreciated
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>> X1R1
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