server keeps updating openjdk

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at
Tue Feb 8 15:44:57 UTC 2011

Am Di, 8.02.2011, 13:39 schrieb Tapas Mishra:

>> (2) What did you do to get into this situation?
> I do an aptitude safe-upgrade (which should just install the latest
> packages of same release I do not want to change version of OS)

I think you misunderstood the use of safe-upgrade! A normal aptitude (or
apt-get or synaptic or dselect or what ever package management tool you
use) will NEVER (really NEVER) install a new major Ubuntu Version by
itself! That is something you have to trigger. Everytime you want to
update to a major you (or a script) has to change the sources.list for

I think in your case by using the safe-upgrade option there where some
package dependency problems. You should have tried the full-upgrade
option! But now with a messed up kernel package it is a little bit
difficult to clean it up.

In your case I would download the kernel and dbus package manually and
install it with "dpkg -i <PATH_TOPACKAGE> --force-XYZ>". There are various
force options to force the package installation when an error occurred.
But be aware that this can be very dangerous to your system! Read the
manpage of dpkg carefully, especially the force options.

Hope this helps,


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