Call for Volunteer Cloud Hackers

Ahmed Kamal kim0 at
Thu Feb 3 14:26:47 UTC 2011

Hi, I would like to reach out to the Ubuntu cloud community for 
volunteers willing and interested in contributing code/scripts/tools to 
help Ubuntu reach its goal of being the best Cloud Operating System. 
I've written a blueprint of a missing tool that I'd like to work on with 
interested community members. Here's the BP
Work on this tool is bite-sized and easy to chew on, so if it's your 
first time writing such a tool, you're very welcome to take a shot!

I've also put a page with more details, here's an excerpt
"Want a chance to hack on the cloud? Yes Ubuntu cloud code? What could 
possibly be cooler! For us cloud geeks, almost nothing! So, here's the 
deal. Ubuntu aims to be the best operating system for the cloud, period. 
Part of that is delivering code and utilities to ease common tasks for 
people working with Ubuntu as a guest cloud OS ..." Read More at

Please ping me if you're interested in hacking on this tool, so that we 
can work together. I'm be happy to help contributors in any way I can. 
Please ping me (kim0) on #ubuntu-cloud. Let's start hacking!


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