Purpose of this mailing list

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Tue Feb 1 10:29:18 UTC 2011

Am Di, 1.02.2011, 10:04 schrieb Norbert Tretkowski:
> Well, at least I have too much to read, because I subscribed here to
> read about Ubuntu server development, as stated in the description of
> this mailing list.

I really do not see why Ubuntu needs another mailinglist. There are
already a couple of Ubuntu *-devel MLs where the server development might
be covered.

And I do not see why asking Ubuntu server questions can not be mixed with
the Ubuntu server development. Developers should learn by the problems
users have to cope with ;-) .

> If the list doesn't get splitted, at least their description should get
> adjusted, so it's clear that the traffic on this list is mostly end-user
> support.

With that I agree.

By the way: sometimes developers ask questions here, too. But most of the
time there are normal SysAdmin questions and I think it reflects what
Ubuntu server admins need.



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