Code reviews for packaging changes

Clint Byrum clint at
Wed Dec 14 23:04:42 UTC 2011

Hey everyone out there in server land.

A few of us have decided to do start doing code reviews for the bulk of
packaging changes in Ubuntu Server, given the high bar for quality and
precision in.. well.. precise. :)

Whether or not you are able to actually upload to the Ubuntu archive,
you can help out with these code reviews.

You can look for active code reviews here:

Note that you will probably want to join the 'ubuntu-server' launchpad

If you want to propose a change to ubuntu-server, push the change to
an appropriate branch, and then propose for merging, and change the
requested reviewer to 'ubuntu-server'.

An appropriate branch means something like

bzr push lp:~your-username/ubuntu/precise/packagename/what-the-branch-does

1 review should be sufficient for most changes, though even if something
already has an "Approved" from somebody else, feel free to suggest
changes, the idea here is just to get more eyeballs on changes before
they land in Ubuntu Server.

Also please note that some packaging branches are out of sync. Recent
versions of bzr will actually tell you if the branch is CURRENT or not.
If it is out of date, you can send a debdiff to this list for review.

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