11.04->11.10 KVM guest console problem

James Crow james at ultratans.com
Thu Dec 8 17:17:18 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I am learning my way around with KVM. I have a Dell PowerEdge R410 server
that I installed 11.04 amd64 on. I then created two guests and installed
10.04.3 amd64 on each. Everything was working up to this point.

Today, I decided to try the upgrade to 11.10 for the host OS. I did a
virsh save <guest-name> <save-file> for each guest and then upgraded the
host OS.

The upgrade seemed to progress without incident. I let the host restart
during the upgrade and once it was done I was able to SSH back in to the

I should note that my home directory on the host is encrypted and I have
setup SSH with keys so I can login to the host from my desktop without
entering a password. When I login this way my home directory on the host
does not get mounted.

After the upgrade I connected from my desktop with the GUI virtual machine
manager and saw that both of my guests were running. Great!, I thought. The
problem is I am now unable to connect to the console for either guest. If I
try to open the console from the GUI app the window display "Connecting to
graphical console for guest." I have waited over an hour and the message
stays the same. I am also unable to connect to the guest from within virsh
through a SSH session.

libvirt appears to be working because I can run virsh from SSH and connect
with the GUI manager. I am able to suspend/save/start the guest. I am
simply unable to view their consoles.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thank you,
James Crow

James Crow

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