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Vijay Bharghav Bheemineni bheemineni.vijay at
Wed Aug 17 17:21:09 UTC 2011

Hi Ubuntu Server Team,

         My name is Vijay Bheemineni. For past couple of years I am working
as "Middleware Admin", my core skill set includes "Weblogic Server
Administration, Apache, Shell Scripting". Right now I am trying to learn
Linux Administration in order to perform my current role in better way. As
part of learning Linux Administration, I am preparing for LPI certification.
During this process I had started using Ubuntu server and liked it from day

         I am in process of learning Linux administration, but at the same
time I would like to start contributing to Ubuntu Server. The reason I had
selected "Ubuntu Server" team is "I would like to master Ubuntu server
administration". During the process of learning of administration, I also
felt I would be able to help  "Ubuntu Server" in small way with respect to
documentation or any task which your team would like me to handle.

         I hope you will allow me to contribute "Ubuntu Server" in a small

         Thanks for giving this opportunity.

Vijay Bheemineni.
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