Test version of Upstart with full chroot support available

James Hunt james.hunt at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 15 16:57:07 UTC 2011

On 11/04/11 16:01, Clint Byrum wrote:
> Excerpts from James Hunt's message of Fri Apr 08 08:51:48 -0700 2011:
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>> Hi All,
>> As a precursor to pushing this update out to Natty next week, I've
>> updated my upstart-testing PPA with Upstart version 0.9.5-1ubuntu1:
>>     ppa:jamesodhunt/upstart-testing
>> Code is here:
>>     lp:~jamesodhunt/ubuntu/natty/upstart/fix-chroot-sessions
>> As the name suggests, chroots should now work fully [1], but we are keen
>> to solicit feedback from the community.
> FYI, on my natty box when I was running this, installing dbus in a schroot
> session resulted in upstart consuming all available virtual memory and
> eventually crashing the box.
> Steps to reproduce:
> (assuming you've setup schroots w/ mk-sbuild):
> schroot -c natty-amd64 -u root
> apt-get install dbus
> At the 'setting up dbus' point, upstart starts to consume memory at an
> alarming rate.
> > I do need to try and build php w/ sbuild.. now would be an excellent time to have chroot support so it doesn't die when it tries to start
                 mysql server. :)

> This is likely because the dbus upstart job has a post-start that sends
> USR1 to pid 1, which is supposed to tell it to re-connect to dbus.
> I believe the bug is because the USR1 handler needs to ignore requests
> to re-connect to dbus from chrooted processes, but I haven't gotten very
> deep in to debugging it yet.
Hi Clint,

I've now fixed this bug and updated the ppa with
upstart-0.9.6-1ubuntu1~jh1. Feel free to re-test and let me know how it


James Hunt
Ubuntu Foundations Team, Canonical.

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